SAFETY FIRST – TLCmat is soft and made from non-toxic high grade EVA foam

PRODUCT TESTING – EN71:Part 1(Physical and Mechanical), Part 2(Flammability), Part 3(Specification for migration of certain elements), Part 9-10 (Organic chemical compounds)

MORE TESTING – SGS-PAHS, TUVRheinland-REACH, over 170 elements tested, including Formamide, Lead, Ammonia, Phthalates, Cadmium, Trixylyl Phosphate, Benzo and many more)

EASY ASSEMBLING – Each tile is 1ft² and thickness 1cm, just measure area you intend to cover and order pack needed accordingly

EASY TO CLEAR – Just clean it with warm soapy water and let it dry, no other maintenance needed

Ful set mat

These bright and attractive foam tiles are ideal for playrooms, living rooms, conservatories and even patios, anywhere where young children are playing on a hard surface.

Bumps knocks and grazes are a thing of the past with these handy interlocking tiles that can be laid and taken up again in seconds, storage bag also included. The high-grip surface means little ones won’t slip over, while the water-resistant tiles can be instantly wiped clean of spilled food, drink and ‘little accidents’!

BS-EN71-Part 1 Physical & Mechanical
BS-EN71-Part 2 Flammability
BS-EN71-Part 3 Specification for migration of certain elements. (Lead, latex, mercury, cadmium etc)
BS-EN71-Part 9-11 organic chemical compounds (Formaldehyde, phthalates, Nitrobenzen etc)
Phthalates, Ammonia and Formamide Testing