A Guide on How to Discipline Children and Make Sure that they Behave Well

Children need discipline and guidance to grow up as good citizens. This article includes a list of advice and tips on how to discipline children and make sure that they behave well inside and outside the household.

Many say that kids nowadays are far more different from the kids in the past generations. Some may see this change as a good one but a lot perceive that children these days need to be disciplined more because most of the time, they can be rude and they are more likely to display unpleasant behavior. Don’t worry, because as parents, we can still deal with it while they are young and it is our responsibility to straighten their behaviors and attitudes.

The 4 Most Effective Ways of Disciplining Your Child

Children are a parent’s best work. They are a huge responsibility and a lifetime commitment. Sometimes, disciplining your child can be hard. This article will provide 4 ways to effectively reprimand your child, with or without the use of punishment.

1) The silent treatment: This is an easy way to discipline the children, but this is also difficult to stop especially when you are a parent who used to practice this in disciplining your child. When you withhold all attention from them, they will feel as if they have been abandoned and will do anything for your attention again.

2) Taking away privileges: Since kids love to watch and they always crave for sweets, try lessening or taking away watching time and candies or snacks are a great way to discipline a child because there is something they want that you can take away from them.

3) Give serious warning: If they keep on doing the things that are not pleasant, try telling them to do it one more time and say the possible consequences. In some situations, if they don’t want to stop playing and it is bedtime, tell them to play 10 more minutes then it’s done.

4) Show and tell: Show the bad behaviors that the kids display in a calm manner that won’t scare your child. It is also important to show them the behaviors and actions you want them to obtain.


Disciplining a child is not as easy as we think. It cannot happen in a snap because at a very early age, they are still in the process of knowing the right and wrong as well as its differences. Parents have a great role in guiding children to have good self discipline so, the efforts of moms and dads are a must. By guiding them, good manners and right conduct will be imparted soon to these kids.

Here are just some points to keep in mind upon disciplining the children:

-Before giving them punishments, let them think about what they did.

-Give actions or discipline them in a serious manner and be consistent.

-Reward and praise them for their good behaviors, always if possible.

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