Check and give the children the mental stability they deserve. As responsible parents, keep in mind that they need mental health support and kind words for them to keep. This is to aid you to know more about your children’s mental health as they develop growth in their emotional, social, behavioral, and even cognitive aspects.

Remember how you consistently wish for your babies not to grow up too fast? Have you asked yourself why in the universe would you wish that?  Is it because your baby is too cute? Or do the changes of growing up scare you?

Want it or not, they will go and grow, and as their guardian, it is your responsibility to guide and take them to the right path. To do that, children’s mental health should be one of your priorities.


Mental health of children often differs with what we understand with the mental health of teenagers and adults. However, these two are still connected with each other in forming a healthy thinking and stable good mental state of a grown individual.

Children’s mental health is an important aspect in the overall health of the child. It mainly focuses on the child’s development emotionally, psychologically, socially and other aspects of growing up. A child’s mental health helps the child in achieving a peaceful living in the future. It will be the foundation or the forming mechanism in acquiring social and problem-solving skills.

Your kid will soon get to decide on his own. You will leave him at the school and there goes his independent social skills and decision making! This is still of course anchored with his thinking that is formed inside the household with the family members. So, as parents you have to constantly check on your kid for them to stay healthy mentally.

Mom, do you know when something is wrong?

As the one who truly knows them, you should know the signs that could mean something is wrong and are related to having mental health issues.

Worried about your child’s mental health?

Take a look at these signs that your child might be experiencing.

Losing his energy and a continuous sadness.

Usually, kids are very active and they can even play from morning until late night without napping. So, if you notice that your child is a little bit out of energy and can barely see him smile and laugh. Check on them, ask about what they feel because they are not meant to experience sadness with their age.

Showing out-of-control behavior.

Almost every kid nowadays is showing a bad and unreasonable attitude and it is slowly becoming normal to most of us. Once can be acceptable but the continuous show of this behavior would mean something. Out-of-control behavior is being aggressive and you cannot even control him. When you try to hold him, it’s gonna be even worse. Note that he may be showing this because he has his reasons, personal reasons. Try asking your kid in a polite and kind manner, click here.

Extreme irritability.

It is when the child is easily irritated even by the small things. He will react or show bad behavior even in simple situation and events.

Trouble sleeping and eating. 

After a long and tiring day, it is expected for the child to fall asleep in a very quick manner. However, some may have trouble sleeping. In eating, many will say ‘no’ to food especially during meal time. They love snacks and ice creams but when your child won’t eat anything then start asking.

Extreme avoidance of social situation.

Kids are very excited to attend school to meet new friends and to socialize with different kids. Usually, kids are very passionate about learning and more likely to study hard compared to millennials nowadays. Kidding aside, if you notice that your kid is having a difficult time fitting in, not wanting to attend and socialize during family meetings, reunion and small gatherings then make your move mama. Try to ask, talk and figure out.

Causes affecting children and young people’s mental health

What affects children’s mental health? What could be the factors that led them to have that behavior? Here are the main 5 reasons that can cause mental health issues to children and young people.

They may be experiencing bullying and discrimination at the school and sometimes, this can occur inside the household.

Parent’s get easily angry and yell at them. The impact of how the way you scold the child may affect him emotionally and psychologically.

Divorced parents. Separation of parents greatly affects a child in many ways.

Children who are maltreated or experiencing physical abuse. It includes giving the child your responsibilities such as working in an early age help financially.

Death of someone who is very close to them as well as the birth of a sibling. The child might feel less important as part of the family.

What mental issues children can deal at an early age?

As early as 3 years old, the child can develop mental health illness in which he can bring this as he becomes a grown-up man.

Depression – Extreme sadness that will hinder the child from enjoying his childhood. This can include over thinking that would let him imagine situations that can worsen the child’s emotion.

Anxiety- This means having worried thoughts and being nervous in different situations. There is a chance that the kid will be thinking about a lot of things at the same moment. He may be scared to socialize and to even talk with people.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)- You may have heard this nowadays. It will be hard for the child to focus and pay attention most of the time. Some days, they may show actions of being hyperactive.

Good mental health and good parenting

75% of children with mental health issues are not receiving any help or even support from parents and guardians. Now that you know the factors that can lead to children’s mental health problems, it’s never too late to support and guide them by talking, listening and helping them in every way you can.

Let us start with reading, there are many children’s books about mental health that you could read or scan everyday with your children.

Try starting with these children’s mental health books:

Cory Stories: A Kid’s Book About Living With ADHD

Don’t feed the worry bug

Hector’s Favorite Place

What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety

Warp Seed

While being the light in the path of your child, parental mental health is vital too.  Remember that you are the source of their strength and it is important for you to be on track. Good mental health helps you in executing good parenting.

Many children out there are experiencing stories they don’t tell out loud. Kids are born in different situations, with different status but all kids need to undergo new changes and as they go, they should grow with a healthy mind. Let the child experience the joy of life with a peaceful mind and life.

Hey mom and dad, all they need is a simple care.

Start talking to them. Share stories with them, ask about their day, ask about anything.

Encourage and show your compassion towards them in pursuing their interest.

Listen and understand their thoughts.

Surround them with a healthy environment, healthy household.

Try to do your part first and if you think they really need help from mental health professional, then that’s the time to start calling them. Take mental health in any age and in any generation as an important part in forming a healthy and good life. Hand in hand, let’s make a move in improving children’s mental health!