How to Get Kids Listen to You and Behave

When kids say no, they’re just looking for a little power. Find out what you can do to keep them listening and behaving!

It’s not easy being a parent. Sometimes you need help dealing with your kids’ behavior problems. We cannot deny the fact that they are the cutest but they may be a little bit hard headed at some point. Sometimes, even if you try to speak to them, they will just look at you and run to their toys and that’s it. You do not get the chance to teach them a lesson.

It might be a little hard because they are cute and gullible but here are some effective strategies to get kids to listen to you.


The internet is a great place where kids can explore and learn about anything their heart desires. And while this may be beneficial to children in the long-term, it may also impede their ability to focus and pay attention in the moment.

Parents should know that they’re not alone in the struggle of trying to get kids to listen; there are many strategies that you can use when trying to get your child’s attention.

1) Use a routine:

This is an excellent strategy for getting your child’s attention when they’re distracted. It works by taking something that they love and turning it into a routine.

2) Find what gets their attention:

Kids are different so you have to find what gets them interested so you can clearly listen to what you are trying to say.

3) Be a role model:

Kids pick up on everything. They tend to copy what they see. They will speak the same language you speak. You say a word and the next thing you know, they already added that word to their vocabulary. They want to be just like you so the best way to get them to listen is to show them how it’s done.

4) Give them a voice:

Ask questions and let kids talk. When they don’t answer, ask why and then they will answer the next time around. Make them feel that you are listening to them. Mind you, hearing is different from listening.

5) Don’t take their defiance personally:

You can’t expect kids to listen and obey all the time. They’re testing their boundaries and trying out different ways of doing things for themselves.

6) Give clear instructions:

Tell your kids what you need from them in specific detail so that they know exactly what you want from them.


Children are going to grow old. Like it or not you are going to let your little boy or girl go on with their independent life and as a parent you have to make sure that these kids will live a good life, make good decisions. It is why it is important to impose good behavior while they are still young. They are going to show these good behaviors even if they are already grown up men and women. Read here for more effective parenting tips.

You have to get your kids to listen to you now, teach and impose good behavior and right conduct. Go and raise good children that will make the world a better place to live in.