Parents’ Guide in Dealing with a Picky Eater and Make Them Enjoy Their Meals

It has always been a struggle to feed the children with foods with nutrients. It’s very likely for them to choose snacks over their meals. Individuals often experience this at an early age, from being a toddler to preschool. If you are having trouble dealing with your picky eater child and worried about their eating habits, then you are perfect to be here!

Definition of a picky eater

Nowadays, it is harder to let the children, especially the picky eater kids, consume healthy meals and the high growth in the number of fast food restaurants is a great factor adding to the difficulty of finding healthy food for your kid.

Before knowing who the picky eaters are, here is a much deeper meaning. If you notice that your kid is eating the same food and refusing to eat what you give then it’s just two. Either it’s hard for the kid to have a different taste or you’re not a good cook. Kidding aside, this can be considered as a factor in saying that your child is selective in food. Picky eating children are often seen as just being stubborn or ungrateful when they refuse to eat different types of foods but the truth is that not every child is comfortable with making changes to their diet. It can be hard for parents because it can feel like their child is rejecting them.

Picky Eater Prevention Tips for Parents of Toddlers

Picky eaters can be a result of early childhood conditions, such as an iron deficiency. However, children who are exposed to a variety of foods at an early age will be more likely to eat and enjoy a wider range of foods. If you or your child has avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), following these tips can help improve the situation.

-Make sure to keep them hydrated and always give them milk before bedtime.

-Healthy food for toddlers should be available at home at all times.

-Make mealtime fun with your toddler by presenting new food in different ways so your kid will not reject it right away. They can be persuaded to try new things without being forced to.

What are the Causes of Picky Eating Behavior in Children?

Picky eating behavior in children is a common problem in modern day society. This behaviour can stem from various causes, some of which are genetic, neurological, social and environmental. It is difficult to pinpoint one specific cause that will be applicable to all children with picky eating habits.

However, there are some generalizations that can be made about the causes for this behavior such as food allergies and children suffering from chronic gastrointestinal problems.

There are many reasons why some of the toddlers are labeled as picky eaters. According to Emmet and Taylor (2019), here are some of its causes:

Late introduction of lumpy food weaning

Early feeding difficulties

Pressure to eat

Early choosiness

Different Ways Parents Can Create Mealtime Fun for Their Picky Eaters

A lot of parents have been squeezing their brains just for their kids to eat and enjoy the prepared food for meal time. A lot of parents are also frustrated in finding the food that will work for both the picky eater toddler and other members of the family.

The different ways parents can create mealtime fun for their picky eater are as follows:

1) Give a variety of meals for picky eaters so there is something that they will enjoy eating.

2) Sometimes hunger is actually thirst, so better serve healthy snacks to your child before or after their meals.

3) Encourage or have them in prepping time in the kitchen so they feel more included in what is being made and have an input on what ingredients are

The Importance of Talking About Eating Disorders in Children

There should be a healthy discussion about eating disorders especially among children because early recognition of eating disorders with toddlers can be treated easier. At their very early age, we should acknowledge it and help them deal with it while they are still young. Let’s raise happy children in a brighter future!